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We are given many things in life for free. They're the things that we often take for granted – but they're crucial to living life.

One of these freedoms is quickly programmed out of us, and then when we are deemed responsible... it's thrust back into our hands. This freedom is the freedom of choice.

Being new to making our own adult choices, we often work inside of the obligations placed on us - which essentially limits that freedom of choice. Changing this mindset means that we need to ask different questions; questions that will bear the marks of our individuality. This is what I'm good at. Finding out who you are, who you want to be and then walking with you as you make and live by your choices .

If you're brave enough for this journey – then let's go!

Robert Lang CFP®

Independent Financial Planner
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At this meeting we will chat about what your dreams and expectations as well as the Life Style you want. We will see if our offering will work for you and if you will be able to benefit from a relationship with our practice.


We will start laying the foundation and gathering the information we need to develop and build your Life Style plan and set goals to reach your dreams.


We will analyze your Life Style needs and expectations as well as break down your dreams into manageable goals to help us find the best possible solution as well as plan the way forward with measurable results.


We will present the plan and discuss what has to be done to reach that Life Style and those dreams.


We will implement the plan as agreed to by you.


We will monitor the effects the plan is having on your Life Style and are we reaching those dreams. We will amend and refine the plan as each goal is reached and your dreams get bigger.


Empowering you to create
the choices you need to make.

Financial planning is evolving - it’s no longer just about creating a lengthy document that no-one ever reads; it’s about creating personalized solutions that provide peace-of-mind and have deep meaning to us.

My approach to making this happen ensures that you, and not your money, always remain at the centre of your plan. This is driven by being proactive in the solutions we work towards. We identify and collaborate along a life-long journey of addressing problems and threats to your financial wellbeing, which overflows into your personal and family wellbeing too.

In this environment, your interests are always foremost to every decision and choice that you are empowered to make.


hear it from our clients

Robert has helped me to see where changes can be made and they were all for the benefit of my family and myself. He helped me to realize that it is important to start early and be prepared for when I retire. He never judged my financial status or made me feel ashamed of it, he made me proud of what I achieved since he helped me. He is always available when you need advise. Thank you Robert, I am very grateful.

Sr Maricel Potgieter

Robert has been my broker and financial advisor for the better part of a decade now and, in that time, has earned the high level of trust and faith that I place in him to help manage and advise on my financial affairs. Robert is extremely proactive and hands-on and his pragmatic approach to maintaining an optimal portfolio that is tailored to my needs is extremely effective. He constantly stays on top of new products and developments in the market, as well as keeps pace with regulatory changes and he offers professional, timely, sound and, above all, independent advice.

Edunne Patz


My wife and I are loyal and satisfied clients of SFP and Robert Lang in particular. We have worked closely with Robert over many years and value the level of personalised and structured advice he provides. Prior to becoming one of Robert's clients, I imagined (based on past experience) that all retirement financial planners were either pushy or coercive in their approach. I can honestly attest that Robert will always give you, as his client, the space to make portfolio update decisions without any pressure whatsoever.

Kevin & Andrea Rae

Robert Lang has been our financial advisor for more than 10 years. We appreciate his personal interest not only in our financial affairs, but also his interest in our wellbeing and family. He listens to your aspirations and brings together the “tools “ to get you the best possible returns on your investments. He is passionate about his work and it shows. We are extremely impressed with his knowledge and delivered services. A big plus being our financial retirement that has been well prepared by Robert.

Vaughn & Annelise Collins

Robert has been a trusted advisor to me for a number of years. His passion for his job and dedication to clients sets an example in the his industry. His positive attitude and outlook on life compliments his attention to detail when it comes to financial planning. Robert is always professional and very knowledgeable and provides independent financial advice. I highly recommend Robert and believe that others will also benefit from having him as thier trusted advisor.

Daniel Boeyens

Director Pallidus Debt Solutions

Since my first encounter with Robert I found him to be very professional, knowledgeable, passionate and understanding. He surely has my best interests at heart and always shows interest in myself and my family. Robert always provides clear and precise independent advice with skill, care and diligence. I highly recommend Robert and am proud to be a client of his and look forward to a lasting relationship.

Andre Lessing

Financial Advice that is tailored
to you and your choices.


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Succession Financial Planning is an independent specialist financial planning company dedicated to helping people achieve financial success. We focus on business owners, professional and the individual who want to ensure that their wealth and risk is adequately protected and responsibly managed.

The tool we use is called the Succession Plan. It will help you to:

  1. Obtain a clear vision for growth and protection.
  2. Cover your risk.
  3. Plan your estate.

We offer our clients the promise of a lifelong partnership - for this generation and the next.

Financial Advice that is tailored
to you and your choices.